Bitcoin Prices in USD

Trading in bitcoin has been crazy lately. The bitcoin prices in USD (BCHUSD) has moved from nothing to $20,000 and the fluctuations have been wild. Which is good for savvy traders. Maybe not so good for amateur traders getting caught in the hype. For example, November 11, 2017 saw the BCHUSD swing from 1,190 to 2,505. (the BCHUSD is the value/10). That is huge. People were stopped out but some got a big slice of it. I did, and I am on my third profitable trade now. Watching the short-term tops and bottoms. And setting tight stops and limits – not being greedy. Check out my new website: Bitcoin Price in USD. I would rather make several smaller trade than try to ride the wave. But that’s just me. Some traders have taken a very long position and will do well. Some analysts estimate the bitcoin price to reach 30,000+ within weeks maybe months. Others predict a serious drop. Either way, to trade bitcoin one must be very careful. But what an opportunity? If done right.