Investing for Retirement – Questrade Review

You have many choices to invest for retirement. It all depends on your preferences and interests. If you have no interest or knowledge about trading or the market, park your savings in a mutual fund or if you have perhaps 100,000+ in investable cash you might consider a fund manager.

If you are interested in self-trading, Questrade is the preferred broker in Canada. By far. The biggest reason is the many options Questrade provides. From 100% self-trading to a managed portfolio. READ MORE

Questrade was established in 1999. The company is now considered by many to be the best brokerage in Canada. The IIROC regulates the company, and Questrade is also a member of the CIPF. In addition to being regulated by one of the best regulators in the business, the company has a long, outstanding reputation. During the last 20 years, Questrade has earned the trust of Canadian investors.


Safeguarding Your Business With Comprehensive Commercial Insurance

Whether you’re just getting your business of the ground or you’re simply reevaluating your business’ risk mitigation strategy, you need to make carefully guided decisions about how to insure your operations affordably and effectively. Here are a couple of important considerations to bear in mind when you’re choosing a package policy for your business.

Evaluate Your Individual Coverage Requirements Thoroughly

Depending on what type of activities your business is engaged is, some of your insurance requirements may be regulated by municipal code or licensing authorities. In addition, you may have minimum insurance coverage levels stipulated in a small business loan or financing agreements for company property, equipment, or vehicles. However, it’s important to recognize that minimum coverage requirements may not be sufficient to meet your business’ needs and risk exposure. Your activities, assets, and location may have a big impact on how much insurance you need to shield your business from loss. When you’re looking for commercial insurance in Peoria AZ, you should work with an agent who has extensive experience serving commercial clients and can thoroughly analyze your business’ individual needs in order to help you choose the right coverage levels.

Select a Carrier Who Can Offer Every Type of Policy That Your Business Needs

A complete commercial insurance package may include more than just general liability or property insurance. It’s important to work with a carrier who provides every type of policy that your business needs to avoid gaps in coverage or policy exclusions. In order to find the right carrier, you should work with an agency that has well-established relationships with multiple carriers and can help you get competitive and comprehensive quotes.

Making proactive and well-informed decisions about insuring your business requires some independent due diligence as well as professional guidance. Work with an expert to assure that your policies will be cost-effective while also meeting all of your business’ coverage needs.


New Canadian Non-Tracking Search Engine

We all hate that search engines track our searches. And then show us repeated ads all over the place for stuff we have recently search on. It gets boring. So e decided to set up a non-tracking search engine for Canada. This site focuses on Canada websites thus the domain name www.safesearch.ca, but not exclusive to Canada. There are plans to launch safe search engines to other countries.


Worst ETF trade I ever made

I have this software that analyzes EOD ETFs and some stocks. Giving prediction for possible trades at the opening of the next day. It has worked well and generated some profits. So I got over-confident. The system kicked out a great looking prediction for an EFT. UWT. Which is a leveraged ETF long on crude oil. Mistake #1. Long on crude middle of March 2020? Nuts. But I went ahead. On a reasonable amount. Day 1 looked good. Day 2 the oil crashed big times and red ink was flowing. Mistake #2 – I should have cashed out the little profit I had on day 1 (as per the strategy). Oil prices dumped so much that any reasonable person would think that it will recover.
At least enough not to bleed too much. So I kept the position and was prepared to wait until it recovered. Check out www.tradinginretirement.com
Now comes the end of March and the EFT tanked. BUT – the oil prices went up! This ETF is a 3x leveraged one and should shoot up. But it went down? Here is mistake#3: The ETF was to expire April 3. So it died. When it expired, I got $0.14 back/share. Which was about 1% of my investment for this product. My balance was now pretty well where it was 10 months ago. All my great trading profits wiped out.
Lessons learned from this were many. As for ETFs – the important take-away from this is research them. Know if they expire anytime soon. And stick to your strategies. And maybe consider taking profits earlier than normal, any profit is good profit.
Trading is not for everyone. I love it and aside from making the odd profit is a passion.

Are good chef’s knives worth it?

I have two chef knives and wouldn’t be without them. The most important thing is keeping them adequately sharp – no matter how much you spent on a quality chef’s knife. It is important that you learn how to sharpen and maintain your knife blades. Prices for quality kitchen knives start at maybe $30, and there seems to be no end to be seen. Note that price doesn’t necessarily translate to a “better” knife. Somewhere in the middle is probably a safe bet. Then there is the look and feel. Some, like me like the wooden handles the Japanese knives are famous for. Others prefer the more traditional black handles. If you are looking for great chef knives, especially the Saga/Boker products you go to this site: www.sagaknives.com. We only list knives with the top reviews on Amazon.ca and recommended Saga/Boker chef knives.


How to Make Your Voice Heard

One of the beautiful things about the constitutional republic nature of the United States government is that it gives every citizen a voice. We elect officials to represent our interests at the local, state, and federal levels. Citizens are allowed and encouraged to contact elected representatives and voice their concerns. While many people understand that they have that right, they may not know where to begin when they want to speak out. Here are some pointers to get you started.

Call Your Representatives’ Offices

Every member of the United State Congress (made up of the 100-person senate and 435-person House of Representatives) has a local office in their home district and one in Washington. They have congressional staffs who answer phone calls and take messages for them. Calling these offices and leaving a polite but thoughtful message may seem antiquated, but it does work. The more representatives hear from their constituents, the more they will factor them into their votes, even if only in their own self-interest, hoping for re-election.

Attend Town Hall Meetings

Most members of congress will also hold town hall meetings in their home districts during congressional recesses. This is a great opportunity for constituents to ask questions and raise points about the issues of the day. Town Hall meetings are usually listed on elected official’s websites and social media accounts.

Sign Petitions

Just like mounting pressure through phone calls, petitions can be effective ways of reaching officials. Locally organized print petitions with handwritten signatures still carry more weight than online electronic ones.


Of course, the most direct way to make your opinion count is to vote in every election. If you support what your representative is doing, vote to keep them in office. If not, support another candidate and vote to replace them!

We enjoy immense freedom and liberty in America. It works best when everyone is engaged and communicating with their elected officials!


TradeMiner PRO Review

One very interesting research tool I bought years ago and still use is the TradeMiner PRO. You can buy it for stocks, commodities and FOREX. I mostly use it for stocks. What they do is look at historical EOD prices and calculate “If you have traded XYZ on this day during the past 10 years you would have been profitable XX % of the time if you held the stock for X days.” I have done some back-testing and live trading and it works pretty well. As with ALL TOOLS I still believe in the “art of trading”. However, if you spend the time using one or several tools – add all the info together and make the trading decision.

You need to understand that TradeMiner is NOT a trading system. It is a research tool. And a clever one at that.


Unique Wine Gifts

The new website https://www.uniquewinegifts.com searches the web for the best wine accessories and check reviews to ensure only the coolest and useful wine stuff for the wine enthusiasts is listed here. Only from reputable wine stores.


Mary Couturier Opens Brokerage Office in Beamsville, ON

Mary Couturier – Broker, Couturier Realty Group

October 19, 2019

NEWS: Mary opened her own brokerage firm – Couturier Realty Group Inc.

Mary is a very driven person. Among all the different hats that she wears, she is a woman of great ambition and energy.

Real Estate for Mary is second nature, she has earned her BA as well as achieving the Gold Award for being in the Top 10 percent in sales in the Grimsby Office of Royal Le Page.

Mary Couturier has a heart for not only the Hamilton and Niagara communities, but also for helping to empower women young and old within those same communities, and this comes through with her various actions and activities – Women’s Wealth Wake-Up’ and ‘Girls Cents’ – she is a supporter of such institutions as ‘Niagara Leadership for Women’ as well as being a huge supporter of ‘Big Brothers and Big Sisters’. Mary knows the joys and trials are of motherhood, while at the same time, being a single parent.


Investing for Retirement in Canada

For you who are 20 to 65 of age and you have started to think about how retirement will look like. Because, as you know – most of us will live well into our 80s.

If you don’t care what retirement will look like – this might not be information you want to hear. All I wish to do is to share some knowledge gathered during the past 25 years or so. More information at www.investingforretirement.ca

First things first…. Investing vs Trading

They are, in my mind two different things.

Investing, in the traditional sense of the term implies long-term growth of capital preferably in a tax free account. So it can compound. For example, a RSSP. If, as a young person you set one up, pick a mutual fund or something and it grows by say 5%/year and the profits are re-invested you will be amazed at how fast it will grow.

Trading implies taking a very active role in the market. You can, for example have a self-directed RSSP and make the trades yourself. Two things: You have to be interested enough to do the research and learn what to do and what NOT to do.