Zulutrade Traps and Warnings

I have been trading live on ZuluTrade for 30 days now. The biggest scary thing is the open trades and their draw-downs. However, analyzing this it appears this is expected. I follow 5 traders. All have trades both in negative and positive positions. If the open trades negative positions is less than the closed trades – you will show a negative balance. The big challenge here is to be patient. And expect a constant draw-down.

Here’s the thing: when you start the trading, you will, within the first day or hours have dozens of open trades. They will most likely be in the red. And stay there a while for the trades to mature into profits. This shows as negative profit picture. But then.. trades will start to close, and you will see profits on a daily basis. So far so good. Then there will be new trades and the cycle starts.

So knowing this, you want to make sure your account can handle the expected draw-down for the traders you follow. This will need some research on the platform. But you should at the bare minimum expect at least a 115-20 draw-down initially. Then the profitable trades will start to outperform the losers and your account balance will grow. My balance has grown by a few percent, but the P&L shows negative.

This process will be on-going but if you have picked the right traders – and the right lot sizes the account will grow past the draw-down and you will be in a NET profit stage.





Automated Trading: Pros and Cons

Automated trading, or algorithmic trading, has become more and more popular over the past few years. It’s definitely a great tool for inexperienced traders, when executing trades with an automated system there are many benefits, however that does not mean there are no risks involved. Here are the major pros and cons of automated trading:


  • Emotion control – The emotional component is eliminated, with automated trading you don’t need to make the tough emotional calls by yourself.
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  • Time Saving – Not having to study how to trade the markets saves you a great deal of time and enables you use your free time for other important causes.
  • Instant testing and optimization – You no longer need to sit in front of the computer for hours and attempt to monitor and analyze all market movements, automated strategies are able to monitor several markets and assets simultaneously. There are growing numbers of trading platforms that offer automated trading. Metatrader4 is probably the most popular one of them all, since it offers powerful functionality for testing trading strategies, as well as providing full historical data.
  • Lightning speed decision processing ability – Automated strategies react immediately to the market situation, since it is factored in their program, while A trader can be too slow to react when deciding to open the order or not. Automated strategies enter the market instantly, the second the necessary signal arrives.
  • Round-the-clock market-monitoring – The automated strategy providers are monitoring the markets 24 hours a day for you, something that’s hard to accomplish when you have a job or any kind of obligations.
  • Beginners luck – Automated trading makes life easier especially for inexperienced traders, since strategy providers are doing all the hard work for you.
    New traders can observe the actions of a strategy provider and learn how to read the signals in the markets.
  • Broker-independent – Metatrader4 platform can be used with a variety of Forex brokers. This means that an automated trading strategy can be copied without any specific broker logic required, and so, traders can easily copy any strategy regardless of which broker the strategy provider uses.


  • Lack of Emotions – Fully automated strategies have no intuition and can’t make discretionary decisions.
  • No room for error– System and Network errors can affect your trades and lead to losses. It can be risky to rely solely on fully automated strategies.
  • Keeping up with market changes – You need to make sure your automated strategy is constantly up to date based on economic and political news.
  • Costly to buy and hard to develop – Obtaining a good automated trading system is not an easy task. You can either put the time into developing one, hoping you’ll get it right, or buy one, paying a substantial amount of money and hoping you got a good one. In both cases, this will require much research, testing and luck.

DupliTrade offers you the best of both worlds!

We provide you with our automated copy trading platform, which allows you to automate your trading by automatically duplicating the actions of expert traders directly into your trading account.

With our innovative platform, you can enjoy all the pros of automated trading and eliminate most of the cons! Our strategy providers are extremely professional and experienced, it is their job to avoid errors, keep up with the markets changing, and it their own money at stake so it is in their best interest to trade responsibly! Our cutting-edge technology lets you connect your MT4 account to our platform without installing, buying or coding anything and lets you start trading like an expert from day one!




Daily Forex Signals Review

A Daily Forex signal is a recommendation for entering a trade on a currency pair – usually at a specific price and time.

Daily Forex Signals Review

The signal is created either by a human analyst or an automated Forex robot. These robots analyze the market and thru some math and algorithms come up with a possible trade. Then that signal is passed on to subscribers of the Best Forex Trading signal service.

If the system was a 100% money maker, do you think the seller would want to share it? This is why big institutional traders keep their “black box” trading algorithms under lock and key.

Sample forex signal: EUR/USD
valid: From 12:46 GMT-04:00 Till 16:46 GMT-04:00
Sell at 1.1432
Take profit * at 1.1392
Stop loss at * 1.1482


Trading in Retirement

Should you Trade In Retirement?

That depends on a lot of things. Mostly financial. Do you have some capital you can afford to lose if the worst should happen? Do you have the skills needed? Would you be able to trade using proven strategies and leave the emotions out? Trading can be very profitable. A reasonable good trader can easily return 20+% on his capital annually. And by compounding, it can grow faster. There is a new trading in retirement site that might help with some tips.

Also you need to determine your reasons for wanting to trade. Is it because it is exciting thing to do and a challenge? To earn income from your capital, or maybe just to grow your nest egg. Those are the things you need to consider.

Why trade in retirement?

“You’d be amazed at the number of older people taking up trading,” says Kevin Cook, an options strategist at TheStreet.com in Chicago. “I think it’s a combination of demographics and technology.” For many retired traders the intellectual challenge and camaraderie that often surround trading communities are definite attractions. The prospects of beating the market, much less trading themselves to riches, are sketchier.


How To Bring Positive Energy Into Your Life

We all could stand to be a little more positive. In a world full of negative news stories and people who aren’t particularly nice to one another, most of us feel like we could use more reasons to smile. Even if you’re life isn’t completely perfect, you can still bring more positive energy into your life. Here’s how to do it.

Focus On The Good

It’s easy to dwell on the things you don’t have and the people who’ve hurt you. However, focusing on these things doesn’t really do you a lot of good. Not only do these thoughts force you to focus on things that happened in the past that you can’t change, but they bring down your whole mood. Try to focus on the good instead of the bad. At first, this might be a challenge. However, you can begin to train your mind to focus on the things that you’re grateful to have instead of the things that you don’t have or the things that make you unhappy.

Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Investing in new age crystals might feel a bit silly if you’re not used to stepping outside of your comfort zone. However, there’s a reason that people invest their time and money into these new age solutions. They actually can really help people to bring more positive energy into their lives. Be bold and try something that you’ve never tried before, such as a yoga or meditation class. Even if you feel awkward at first, you’ll soon see just why people flock to these new age hobbies.

Spend Time With Great People

The people who we spend time with have a huge effect on our overall mood and sense of well being. If you surround yourself with negative people, then chances are that you’re going to feel more negative thoughts. Try to only surround yourself with people who make you feel happy.

It’s not easy to start thinking positively if you’ve grown accustomed to operating in a negative mindset. However, if you dedicate yourself to being more positive and make changes to improve your overall mood, you’ll gradually start to feel better.


Three Things to Consider Before Investing Overseas

Three Things to Consider Before Investing Overseas

Investing in an overseas business can help you make more money than you ever dreamed of or leave you wondering what happened to your investment because you do not get any money back. Many companies invest overseas in emerging markets that have a greater risk attached, but you can invest in companies in top regions and countries like China and Japan. Before investing a dime of your own cash though, there are things that you should consider.

Return on Investment

The most important thing to consider is the return on investment (ROI), which is the money that you get back after making an investment. Many companies today agree to give investors stock options in return for their investments. Always read the fine print before you sign because you never know what the company might attach to that document. It might include language that states you cannot sell any of your stocks for a set period of time or that the company has the right to buy those stocks back for a price lower than the market dictates.

Possible Barriers

It’s important that you work with trustworthy advisers like macro advisers before investing in a business overseas. Those advisers can help you learn more about any of the possible barriers that you might face. The language barrier is one of the biggest because there is no guarantee that anyone working for the company speaks the same language as you. You may have a hard time speaking to someone about your concerns when you call. Another possible barrier relates to time. Those companies may do business in the middle of the night as you sleep, which can make it difficult for you to keep up.

Potential Benefits

Before handing over your investment, make sure that you look closely at all the potential benefits associated with your investment too. When you invest in a business, you want to make money off your investment. You may have the chance to buy more shares of that company at a low price because of your early investment, and the company may offer some perks for investors too like discounts on the products that it offers or even free items. The more you learn about the potential benefits, the easier you can determine if it is a smart investment. Always consider at least these three things before handing over money to a foreign company.


Dealing With A Trip To The Emergency Room

There are very few people who like to visit the emergency room unless it’s absolutely necessary. Many people don’t even like going to the hospital unless it’s to see a family member or a close friend as there is a risk of germs entering the body or seeing people in a position that is heartbreaking because they might be sick or injured. However, if there is a medical need, then an emergency room Spring TX hospitals provide might be a needed trip to make.

When you enter the emergency room, there are some things that you can do to make the trip a bit easier on yourself and to make the trip a bit faster so that you can go home and get the rest that you need. In order to get the insurance information processed as quickly as possible, keep a small card in your wallet with all of your basic information. It should include your insurance policy number, address, phone number and an allergies. If you are unable to speak, then someone with you will be able to give the information to the nurse so that you don’t have to worry about communicating.

Take your medications with you to the hospital. You might not remember the dosage that you have to take or the right name of the medication. If you take the bottles with you, then the doctor can examine them to see that you’re taking them properly and to know what to prescribe you so that it doesn’t interact with what you’re taking. Try to go to the hospital when it’s not crowded. The weekend will be a time when more people will seek help because they are at home from work and school. Mondays are busy days as people are recovering from weekend adventures. Try to get to the hospital in the early morning hours during the week or in the afternoon before people get out of school or off of work. Take something with you to keep you busy while you’re waiting, such as a book or a crossword puzzle. This will also help to take your mind off of the worry that you have about what the doctor might tell you.


Selling Beverages At Your Leisure

If you’re looking for a way to start your own business but don’t have a lot of time to invest and want to maintain another job that you have, then consider a beverage cart. You can set up a cart in a mall or along a sidewalk in one of many locations in the city where you live as long as you have the proper permits. Some of the ideal locations to set up in your town include at a college, near a park or near an attraction that sees a lot of younger adults as they sometimes want beverages while they are going to work or school.

Coffee and tea are two of the easiest items to sell when you begin thinking about the products that you want to offer. If you do sell these items, you want to have a variety of flavors. It’s sometimes best to set up this type of cart near a school or a large business, such as a hospital, as these are places where people want to have something to drink that will help to give them energy for studying or working.

One of the benefits of operating a cart with beverages is that you can easily move it to a different location. If one area isn’t giving you the sales that you need to make a profit, then you can find somewhere else where there are more people or where there would be more people interested in buying the beverages that you offer. You can take the cart to a fair, park or a special event that is held in the city or in surrounding areas so that you see a wide customer base instead of the same people all of the time. There is a low start-up cost associated with operating a cart. You simply need to maintain the quantity of products that you sell while offering the customer service that people desire from your business. Talk to the city health department to find out if there are any regulations that you need to specifically follow and to find out about the permits that you need to set up the cart.


Business Growth 101

Business Growth 101: Simple Strategies For Success

In general, business owners are interested in ensuring that their companies get and remain in a state of expansion. To ensure that you can realize this objective, it’s important to implement strategies that will make it happen. Here are just three of many growth principles that can keep your company moving forward:

1. Optimize And Update Your Equipment.

If your company utilizes old, outdated, or broken equipment, your daily operations will be compromised. Additionally, you could increase the likelihood of a work-related accident or injury. To prevent this from happening, make a point to ensure that you regularly optimize and update the equipment that you and your staff members use. Companies that regularly use cranes can obtain new products by visiting the website of ProservAnchor at ProservAnchor.com.

2. Develop A Strong Online Presence.

In addition to regularly optimizing and updating your equipment, it’s important for you to develop a strong online presence. This is especially important in a contemporary world where the Internet has become a more central component of public and private life for people across the globe. Unless you are an internet marketing genius, it’s a good idea to hire a professional group of digital analysts to complete the online brand-building process for you. There are numerous services that a digital marketing firm can provide you with. Some of them include:

-online reputation management (ORM)
-search engine optimization (SEO)
-social media optimization (SMO)
-web design and development

3. Mind Your Health.

One final technique you should implement to ensure that your business keeps growing is minding your health. When your health is compromised, you’ll likely find that you lack the energy and mood stability necessary to complete your daily tasks with excellence and expedience. As such, it’s important to implement strategies that will empower you to look and feel your very best. There are several wellness tips you can use to get this show on the road, including the incorporation of a green juice into your daily meal plan. Also consider the value of finding a walking buddy and meditating for ten minutes a day.


Business growth does not have to be a mysterious, frustrating process. To make the growth process straightforward and simple, you need to access and implement strategies that work. You can use some or all of the tips and tricks outlined above to ensure that your company gets and remains on the path to perpetual expansion.