WA Probate Attorney in Seattle, WA

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Why would you need an attorney for probate?

Probate laws are complex in WA State. A Seattle attorney experienced in WA probate is a valuable resource for guiding you through the complex process. Although individuals may pursue the probate process without an attorney (“pro se”), the value added by hiring a probate attorney includes:

  • Peace of mind that all legal requirements will be met
  • Time-savings and quicker resolution
  • Expert knowledge for handling questions or potential disputes

An estate planning attorney will also review with you the advisability of planning options to avoid the need for a probate at death, including a revocable trust, transfer on death deeds, payable on death accounts, beneficiary designations, and community property agreements. Source: Somers Tamblyn Isenhour Bleck has probate offices in Seattle and on Mercer Island.

Their goal is to take to burden off of you during the difficult time after a loved one dies and to guide you through the estate administration process efficiently and with sensitivity.