‘DECONSTRUCTION’ BEGINS Trump’s order to cut regulations follows Bannon’s blueprint

President Trump took another step Friday to roll back government red tape, signing an executive order requiring every federal agency to form a “regulatory reform task force” that would root out regulations for repeal.

A day after chief strategist Steve Bannon vowed a “deconstruction of the administrative state,” Trump directed each agency’s task force to evaluate existing rules and identify which ones should be modified or sent to the chopping block. 

Joined in the Oval Office by business executives, Trump said “unnecessary” and “burdensome” regulations are “killing jobs” and “driving companies out of our country like never before.” 

Those regulations, according to the White House, will be a focus of the new task forces. 

Trump said reducing the regulatory burden will “unleash economic activity.” 

Trump signed the order after delivering a rousing address to party faithful at the nearby Conservative Political Action Conference. The order builds on previous directives to find two regulations to cut for every new one proposed, and to freeze pending regulations.

While the latest measure takes this a step further, stripping existing regulations could ultimately require congressional involvement. 

Trump’s new order calls for each task force to document and report their progress toward meeting the president’s directives. 

In the first 30 days

Article source: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/02/24/trump-orders-new-task-force-push-to-eliminate-red-tape.html