EPA UNDER FIRE Trump reportedly wants to slash budget by 25 percent

The budget for the Environmental Protection Agency could reportedly be reduced by roughly 25 percent, costing the agency about 3,000 jobs.

President Trump has said he plans to pay for billions of dollars more for the military by cutting spending on domestic agencies and departments. Trump plans to submit his budget to Congress the week of March 13.

The Associated Press reportedly obtained a copy of a draft of the EPA’s budget proposal from the Office of management and Budget. The cuts would result in a 19 percent decrease in staff at the agency.

A spokeswoman for the EPA declined to comment, but a top official said in an internal memo that EPA leaders “will do everything in our power to protect our ability to support the mission of the agency in protecting human health and the environment.”

A copy of the memo from Acting Assistant Administrator Donna Vizian was obtained by the AP.

Vizian said she could not verify news media accounts, but said any proposed cuts were just the start of a lengthy budget process. A final plan is subject to congressional approval, which likely is months away at the earliest.

Former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy called the proposed budget “a fantasy” that ignores

Article source: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/03/03/epa-funding-may-be-cut-25-percent-under-trump-according-to-draft-copy-budget.html