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Most Popular Lawyer-prepared Legal Forms – Canada.

Top Canadian Legal Forms : Wills, Gifts & Trusts

Affidavits & Declarations
Affidavits and Declarations are signed, written statements of fact that may be relied on in a number of legal and business scenarios.

Landlord & Tenant
Documents used by landlords and tenants when renting and leasing any residential or commercial property.

Divorce & Separation
These forms include divorce petitions and complaints, final divorce decrees, settlement and separation agreements and pre and post nuptial agreements.

Maintaining a successful and productive work environment requires clear communication, including the use of well-crafted employment contracts. Our forms are designed to communicate expectations and protect your company and employees.

Name Change
Forms for use when changing your name due to marriage or other reason through a legal court proceeding.

Power of Attorney
Legal documents whereby one individual will grant another legal authority to make decisions on their behalf. Powers of Attorney may be limited or very broad in the rights granted.

Real Estate
Real Estate transactions are often the largest and longest-lasting an individual or business may enter. These Real Estate forms include all those you will need for the sale, purchase or management of your real properties.

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