FOX NEWS POLL: Slightly more voters trust Trump than media

Slightly more voters find the White House more truthful than the media, according to the latest Fox News Poll. 

In addition, most feel the press is tougher on President Trump than it was on President Obama.  But that may be a positive development, as a majority thinks aggressive coverage of the presidency is good for the country.

By a slim 45-42 percent margin, more voters say they trust the Trump administration to “tell the public the truth” than the reporters who cover the White House.  Ten percent say neither.


The poll, released Friday, was conducted Saturday through Monday evenings.  That was before Trump told reporters at a press conference Thursday, “the public doesn’t believe you people anymore.”

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The Fox poll last asked a similar question in June 2006.  At that time, “news reporters” were more trusted than

Article source: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/02/17/fox-news-poll-voters-divided-over-trusting-trump-or-media.html