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We started publishing popular headlines in January, 2007.

During the latter part of 2012 the site became sluggish, and there were just too many archived headlines in the database. (over 1,500,000). And we discovered that very few searches were conducted looking for older headlines. The site’s visitor count dropped, and we just can’t have that -;).

In February, 2013 we re-built the site. Completely.  So if you are coming here from a link in search engines, or one of your bookmarks – you might not find the headlines you were looking for.

We also removed hundreds of headline sources we felt were not popular, or not up to our standards. So if the site looks a little “lean”, bookmark it – and please come back.

In other words – a website make-over.

We are currently busy scouring the web for good news sources to add to our database.

Thank you for stopping by.

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