How to Make Your Voice Heard

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One of the beautiful things about the constitutional republic nature of the United States government is that it gives every citizen a voice. We elect officials to represent our interests at the local, state, and federal levels. Citizens are allowed and encouraged to contact elected representatives and voice their concerns. While many people understand that they have that right, they may not know where to begin when they want to speak out. Here are some pointers to get you started.

Call Your Representatives’ Offices

Every member of the United State Congress (made up of the 100-person senate and 435-person House of Representatives) has a local office in their home district and one in Washington. They have congressional staffs who answer phone calls and take messages for them. Calling these offices and leaving a polite but thoughtful message may seem antiquated, but it does work. The more representatives hear from their constituents, the more they will factor them into their votes, even if only in their own self-interest, hoping for re-election.

Attend Town Hall Meetings

Most members of congress will also hold town hall meetings in their home districts during congressional recesses. This is a great opportunity for constituents to ask questions and raise points about the issues of the day. Town Hall meetings are usually listed on elected official’s websites and social media accounts.

Sign Petitions

Just like mounting pressure through phone calls, petitions can be effective ways of reaching officials. Locally organized print petitions with handwritten signatures still carry more weight than online electronic ones.


Of course, the most direct way to make your opinion count is to vote in every election. If you support what your representative is doing, vote to keep them in office. If not, support another candidate and vote to replace them!

We enjoy immense freedom and liberty in America. It works best when everyone is engaged and communicating with their elected officials!