Zulutrade after 2 months – results

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Zulutrade Real Trading Review

Bottom line as per today, 2 months after I started tracking (first 15 days was learning) I am up 8% of my capital. So that calculates to 4% per month = 48% annually. I would be ecstatic if this were to happen. My goal is simply to at least beat the best a money manager can do – say 8% pa. Anything over 12% would work well. So even if I manage 18% or half of the current results 24% that is substantial.

I have watched over the platform like a hawk. I have a guy working with me at Zulutrade (because my account is above a certain level) and he has been very helpful and points me in the right direction.

Oh yes.. I have had draw downs. Only two weeks ago the whole account was down 4%. Because of open  trades that had high stops. But then they recovered and profit came quickly.

Here’s the BIG trick: Manage the combination of traders.

If a trader is on record as having a steady profit BUT high draw-downs – then you expect the drawdowns. This is what I had. It is a personal preference, now I have reviewed and have put together a set of traders that has smaller, more frequent trades but less drawdowns. Better for stress levels.

BUT – on a daily basis, Zulutrade accounts will have almost always a negative open trade balance. This is, in my observation just the way it is. Yes, some trades will get stopped out, but most will make it to profits. I should mention that over the past 7 days I had 42 trades and only one was a loss. But it was a sizable one, still the 7 days ended up very profitable.

All in all I am very happy with Zulutrade. My plan is to run it the best I can for 6 months – 4 months left. Then I take that result and call it a benchmark. If it is anywhere north of 18% I will increase my capital.

Note.. any profit right now stays in the account allowing me to step up the lots slowly thus increasing the profit ration.


Stay tuned!