Airocide Air Purification Review

What is the Airocide Air Purification System?

The Airocide Air Purifier is based on the fairly new photo-catalytic technology (PCO). PCO is designed for the removal of volatile organic compounds as well as mould spores.  According to recent user reviews, the Airocide Air Purifier is simple to set up and operate, especially since there are no filters to replace.

Airocide air purifier reviewAirocide Design

The design of the Airocide air purifier is one of the most clever and unique we have ever seen. Most air purification systems tend to be rather big. The Airocide is an average-sized unit that does not contain any HEPA or other filters. The Airocide doesn’t necessarily appear to be an air purifier! The front panel looks more like a top of the line audio speaker.

The Airocide is in widespread use in hospitals and clinics, schools and day-cares, and a range of other locations to help prevent the spread of infectious airborne diseases. Airocide might be the top choice for you if you want to do the same in your own home.

Is the Airocide worth the try?

Check out the “Life with Airocide” page on the company’s website; you’ll find helpful information specific to those who suffer from allergies, have a new baby in the home, are looking to manage pet dander and odors, or who simply are enthusiastic about good health. If that sounds like you, Airocide might be a good choice.

More info from the Airocide web site:

“Airocide is a filter-less, home air purifier whose core technology was developed by NASA. Over the last four years our award winning device has earned a dedicated following among allergy-sufferers, chemically sensitive individuals, pet lovers with odor problems, and those generally concerned with health, wellness, and clear air. Our web site offers our Air Purifier, the annual replaceable bulbs, and a wall mount accessory.”