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What is a Diving Helmet?

A diving helmet is a sealed head covering that comes with a breathing gas supply used during underwater diving. It is usually worn by professional divers conducting surface-supplied diving, although some versions are compatible with scuba gear. The upper part of the helmet, often called the bonnet or hat, can be connected to the diver’s neck by a neck seal, while the lower part, called the breastplate or corselet, can either be connected to a diving suit or simply rest on the diver’s shoulders for shallow water diving.

The diving helmet serves to protect the diver’s head from the water, allowing the diver to have clear vision, and provides them with breathing gas. It also shields the diver’s head while doing heavy or hazardous work and usually allows voice communication with the surface (as well as other divers). If the helmeted diver becomes unconscious but is still breathing, most helmets will remain intact and continue to provide the diver with breathing gas.

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