What is Antique Jewelry?

Establishing the meaning of “antique” jewelry is effortless since there is an agreed upon definition: jewelry that is at the very least a century old. Anything made before 1920 could be thought of as antique. Finding out what classifies as vintage jewelry has less uniformity in the business; different retailers and jewelers have their individual interpretations. At The Moonstoned, we consider something vintage if it was produced between 100 years ago and 20 years ago. As a result, because this article is being published in 2020, vintage would comprise anything in the 80 years between 1920-2000. There’s a third term worth noting while you’re searching. It’s not something we use often as its description is incredibly loose, but you could see it elsewhere: “estate jewelry” refers to any piece of jewelry that has been previously owned, no matter how old it is. Identifying a piece of jewelry as antique or vintage is a great starting point but doesn’t give you a great deal of information about the item beyond its age.

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