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What is the Small Archaeo Folder from Artisan Cutlery?


The Artisan Cutlery Small Archaeo is a folding knife model made by the Artisan Cutlery company. It is a modern interpretation of a classic folding knife design, with a sleek and ergonomic handle and a sharp, durable blade.

The Archaeo features a blade made from high-quality D2 steel, a popular material for knife blades due to its strength, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. The blade has a modified sheepsfoot shape with a slightly curved edge, which makes it versatile for a range of cutting tasks. It also has a flipper tab for easy one-handed opening and a ball bearing pivot system for smooth action.

The handle of the Archaeo is made from titanium, with a unique pattern that provides a secure grip. The titanium construction also makes the knife lightweight and resistant to corrosion. The knife has a sturdy frame lock mechanism, which locks the blade securely in place when open.

Overall, the Artisan Cutlery Archaeo is a well-designed and well-made folding knife that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It is a popular choice for everyday carry among knife enthusiasts and collectors.


Artisan Cutlery Small Archaeo Reviews

The Artisan Cutlery Archaeo knife is an outstanding instrument. Its blade is incredibly sharp and retains its sharpness for a long time, while the handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip and superior control. The knife’s construction is impressive, and its weight is well-balanced, providing a pleasant feel in the hand without being too heavy. I’ve used this knife extensively, and it has rapidly become my preferred tool for a wide range of tasks, including slicing vegetables and carving meat. This knife comes highly recommended.

The Artisan Cutlery Archaeo knife is a superb tool for any kitchen or outdoor adventure. Its blade is crafted from top-notch steel, making it exceptionally robust, while the handle is designed for a comfortable grip, even in wet environments. The knife’s balance is exceptional, making it easy to handle, and its sharp edge permits accurate cuts. This knife provides excellent value for the price, and its durability ensures it will remain a reliable tool for years to come.

The Artisan Cutlery Archaeo is a folding knife that features a tanto blade made from D2 steel, which is known for its excellent edge retention and durability. The blade measures 3.7 inches and has a stonewashed finish for a rugged, utilitarian look. The handle of the knife is made from titanium and features a frame lock for secure blade retention. The handle also has a carbon fiber inlay for added grip and style.

Artisan Cutlery
is generally well-regarded for producing high-quality knives at an affordable price point. As with any knife, it’s important to consider your specific needs and use case before making a purchase decision.


Artisan Cutlery Archaeo ATZ-1821GS M390 Blade

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