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What is a Turbocharger?

Auto Turbochargers are apparatuses that are connected to the motor of an automobile, with the objective of boosting its efficiency and potency. This is the reason why many auto makers are now fitting turbochargers to their vehicles. For example, the Chevrolet Trax and Equinox are both available with turbocharged engines, and as time passes, a higher number of vehicles will be fitted with them. The turbocharger is composed of two sections that are connected by a shaft. Exhaust gases spin the turbine on one side, which is connected to another turbine that draws in air, compressing it into the motor. This compression is what grants the engine more power and effectiveness, as a higher amount of air can enter the combustion chamber, allowing larger quantities of fuel to be added and thus increasing power.

Turbochargers are sometimes called “free power” since they don’t need the engine’s energy to function; instead, the hot exhaust gases from the engine are what powers them. The engines with turbochargers don’t experience the same issues as those with natural aspiration when climbing high altitudes, since the turbochargers push oxygen into the combustion chamber at twice the atmospheric pressure.

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