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What is a Bullet Proof UDPE?

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is created through a process called polymerization of ethylene, similar to low-density polyethylene. The main difference is that HDPE is formed with low temperature and low pressure. It is this process that makes the molecules pack tightly together, producing a much stronger material. This can be compared to a sheet of paper that can easily be torn, but when you have a stack of paper, it’s impossible to rip without special tools or very strong force. Thus, HDPE provides a great tensile strength.

As the manufacturing of polyethylene body armor involves joining UHMWPE and HDPE sheets, it is simple to shape and cut it. When subjected to extreme temperature and pressure, it combines to form a solid shield, which numerous people can think of as heavy. However, this is not the situation here. As already discussed, polyethylene is a type of polymer, which is widely known for its light weight. If you have worn body armor before, you understand how important it is to cut down the weight of your already bulky equipment.


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