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What is the 6″ Cabbing Machine from CabKing?

CabKing 6" Cabbing Machine

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The CabKing 6″ Cabbing Machine is an excellent choice for any skill level. If you’re a beginner, hobbyist, or a professional in the jewellery making industry, the CabKing 6″ is perfect. This machine is equipped with a 6″ diameter diamond wheel and a 1/4 hp direct drive motor, which allows it to carry out the entire rough-to-polish process. Furthermore, the simplified drainage set-up, adjustable water system, and the inclusion of all the necessary components that come shipped with the machine, make it a preferred choice when compared to other cabbing units. To get a better idea of how this machine works, you can watch our video tutorials.

A good number of companies make use of the CabKing 6″ Cabbing Machines on a regular basis, which can cut and shape a large quantity of stones each day (demonstrating the machines’ sturdiness). Though the CabKing 8″ Cabbing Machine’s 8″ wheels may be more economical in terms of wear over time due to the larger surface area, the 6″ wheels hold the advantage of having a smaller radius and therefore less wastage of material when it comes to small stones – particularly turquoise, as it is usually cabbed by hand to save as much stone as feasible.

The CabKing 6″ Cabbing Machine’s 6-inch motor with its 1/4 horsepower and 1,800 RPM direct drive produces enough power to rotate the wheels and discs attached to it, and it does so with remarkable smoothness and near-silence. It is even quieter than the motor of the jewellery polisher I use – the latter is accompanied by a blower that filters the air and polishing compound, which I always have running (and it is what makes most of the noise on that machine). So, depending on the grinding wheel I am using on the cabbing machine, it is possible that the jewellery polisher can be even louder. Actually, the water pump generates the most noise of all, but it too works excellently.

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In addition to buffing wheels, diamond flat laps are also available. The CabKing 6″ Cabbing Machine comes with a 360-grit lap that is useful for making sure the underside of rough rocks are even. Other grades of diamond laps can be acquired, which permits grinding and polishing of flat surfaces at various points of the process. This is a beneficial aspect for rock collectors, allowing them to cut and refine ‘windows’ in chosen stones and minerals, and in turn, making them look better.

CabKing 6″ Cabbing Machine