TradeMiner PRO Review

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One very interesting research tool I bought years ago and still use is the TradeMiner PRO. You can buy it for stocks, commodities and FOREX. I mostly use it for stocks. What they do is look at historical EOD prices and calculate “If you have traded XYZ on this day during the past 10 years you would have been profitable XX % of the time if you held the stock for X days.” I have done some back-testing and live trading and it works pretty well. As with ALL TOOLS I still believe in the “art of trading”. However, if you spend the time using one or several tools – add all the info together and make the trading decision.

You need to understand that TradeMiner is NOT a trading system. It is a research tool. And a clever one at that.


Unique Wine Gifts

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The new website https://www.uniquewinegifts.com searches the web for the best wine accessories and check reviews to ensure only the coolest and useful wine stuff for the wine enthusiasts is listed here. Only from reputable wine stores.


Mary Couturier Opens Brokerage Office in Beamsville, ON

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Mary Couturier – Broker, Couturier Realty Group

October 19, 2019

NEWS: Mary opened her own brokerage firm – Couturier Realty Group Inc.

Mary is a very driven person. Among all the different hats that she wears, she is a woman of great ambition and energy.

Real Estate for Mary is second nature, she has earned her BA as well as achieving the Gold Award for being in the Top 10 percent in sales in the Grimsby Office of Royal Le Page.

Mary Couturier has a heart for not only the Hamilton and Niagara communities, but also for helping to empower women young and old within those same communities, and this comes through with her various actions and activities – Women’s Wealth Wake-Up’ and ‘Girls Cents’ – she is a supporter of such institutions as ‘Niagara Leadership for Women’ as well as being a huge supporter of ‘Big Brothers and Big Sisters’. Mary knows the joys and trials are of motherhood, while at the same time, being a single parent.


Investing for Retirement in Canada

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For you who are 20 to 65 of age and you have started to think about how retirement will look like. Because, as you know – most of us will live well into our 80s.

If you don’t care what retirement will look like – this might not be information you want to hear. All I wish to do is to share some knowledge gathered during the past 25 years or so. More information at www.investingforretirement.ca

First things first…. Investing vs Trading

They are, in my mind two different things.

Investing, in the traditional sense of the term implies long-term growth of capital preferably in a tax free account. So it can compound. For example, a RSSP. If, as a young person you set one up, pick a mutual fund or something and it grows by say 5%/year and the profits are re-invested you will be amazed at how fast it will grow.

Trading implies taking a very active role in the market. You can, for example have a self-directed RSSP and make the trades yourself. Two things: You have to be interested enough to do the research and learn what to do and what NOT to do.


Proper Snow Removal in Langley, Port Kells and Surrey

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Proper snow removal and ice clearance helps to avoid hazardous conditions caused by snow and freezing temperatures.
B&C Commercial Snow Clearing and Removal works with clients in Langley and surrounding areas to make your property safe and accessible during inclement weather. So that you can go on with your day without worrying about the safety of your employees, customers and other visitors.

Snow Removal for Commercial Property Owners
Our snow clearing services are designed to keep your busy commercial property free of snow and ice throughout the entire winter season. B&C Snow Removal offers the most reliable commercial snow clearing services in Langley, Port Kells and Surrey. Our flat-rate commercial coverage includes the full maintenance required to ensure safe, unimpeded access to your premises, all winter long. We are equipped and experienced to take care of even the most demanding commercial properties, such as commercial plazas, retail stores, malls, offices, professional buildings, industrial facilities, shipping hubs, educational establishments and religious institutions. Snow Removal in Langley, Port Kells and Surrey

Snow Clearing for Commercial Property Managers
If you manage several different properties or locations – B&C have long-term relationships with many of the leading property management firms, builders, and landlords in our area. One property or multiple sites – our professional snow clearing team will make your transition to our family owned company a smooth one. We have a policy of a never ending focus on service quality, prompt dependability, and client satisfaction. Rest assured that your commercial property is in the best hands this season. Get your free quote today!


How to Choose the Right Laundry Machines for Business

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Laundromats are transforming to meet customer’s demands, including snacks, dry cleaning services, games, free wi-fi and even new payment technology. Some coin-operated laundromats now offer machines that accept payment through swipe cards, similar to a debit card, rather than quarters.

Those interested in making an investment in laundry machines for business should consider the following factors when choosing an industrial washer or dryer.

Design and Construction

Businesses must choose the best commercial washers and dryers that meet the highest standards for durability, reliability and efficiency. Each business has different needs, based on the design and construction of their location. For example, schools, apartment buildings and condominiums all have varying layouts that require different types of machines.

It is important to work with a commercial laundry machine supplier to determine the best machines for the design and layout of the business. For example, some sites, such as restaurants or schools, may require stackable washer and dryer units to maximize space, whereas larger venues, such as laundromats, may not.

Equipment Installation and Service

When choosing laundry machines for business, equipment installation and service should also be considered. Once a business chooses the best machines for their needs, they must also be sure that the supplier offers assistance with equipment installation and service.

Some commercial laundries offer superb customer support, which includes support staff and factory-trained service professionals. Purchasing laundry machines for business is an investment, so choosing a supplier who offers continued customer service, such as replacement parts, can optimize the investment.

Factory Warranties

Another important consideration for businesses purchasing commercial laundry equipment is the factory warranty. Each machine offers different warranties, for example, some have up to a 10-year of warranty on select parts. Others have five-year warranties.

It is important to work with a supplier who is educated and transparent about the factory warranty options available for each machine. It is ideal to work with a supplier who also offers continued customer service and support, including to replace or repair damaged parts on the machine.


https://www.pcasilicon.com/ — a positive post

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Researching Your Technological Options before Buying

The ability to serve your clients depends on the technology you use in your factory. When you want to keep your business running at a fast pace, you need to invest in components that are the cutting edge of technology and offer innovative services that allow you to meet customers’ demands in a timely manner.

With that in mind, you may want to make it a point to buy these components and devices from a business that embraces the latest technology and uses it to craft one-of-a-kind products that lead the industry in performance, durability, and speed. You can find metal finishers, plastic manufacturers, and silicon wafer suppliers that meet your production needs and customer service expectations by going on the website today.

Learning More about the Wafers

If you are not familiar with what silicone wafers are, you may need more information before you decide if you should invest in them for your company. You need to know these components will be worth the money you pay for them while also offering the durability and performance that will make your own company run at a faster and better pace.

The website provides key details of what these wafers are and why they are important to business owners like you. You can see for yourself what these wafers look like so you can determine if they will work in your technological systems. You can also find out what specifications they offer so you can determine if they will offer the speed, memory, and other qualities you are looking for right now.

You also have the option of getting a free quote for these components. You can budget ahead of time and make sure you get a good return on the investment you put out for them.

Silicone wafers can make your business function faster and with more innovation. You do not have to buy these items without the information needed to make a good decision. The website lets you access all of the information like their cost and size that consumers like you need ahead of time.


Getting the Worms out of Your Birds: Here are the Products You’ll Need

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You may hear otherwise, but there’s no surefire way to prevent your birds from contracting worms. If you’re raising poultry, chances are, the worms will find you. Fortunately, if you follow a few simple steps and buy bird worming products at vet products direct online, they can easily be treated. Here are the facts you need to know, and the products you’ll need.

How do birds get worms?

Most commonly, roundworm eggs are attached to the droppings of birds who are already carrying worms. These roundworm eggs are remarkably resilient. After they’ve nested in an environment for 14 days, they are active and infective and can stay that way for YEARS. All a bird has to do is forage in the infected area and consume or endure prolonged exposure to the egg. And just like that, your bird has worms.

What symptoms will the birds show if they have worms?

This is a complicated question because, (a) while there certainly are symptoms that birds can show if they’re carrying worms, they might be carrying them for months without exhibiting signs, and (b) these symptoms are not at all unique to worm-related issues. In fact, they’re so common they could be associated with nearly any illness your bird could contract. For the record, though, the symptoms include lethargy, ruffled feathers or poor feather condition, and decreased egg production in breeding birds. Speaking of breeding birds, It’s important to note that worms in adult birds present a major risk to developing bird babies.

What can I do to stop the worms from infesting?

Having said all that, the best way to stop a worm infestation is to take measures to prevent one from happening in advance. The best and easiest way to tackle this is to schedule a worming for your birds four times a year. A great way to remember when your birds need to be wormed is to tie their treatment to the beginning of each season and plan for a spring, summer, autumn, and winter worming.

How do I treat a bird for worms?

There are several effective worming products on the market, generally in liquid form. Wormout Gel is a very popular treatment that has been proven to be effective against roundworms, threadworms, tapeworms, hookworms and caecal worms. Another popular treatment is Avitrol, which is a syrup concentrate that fights roundworms, gizzard worms, caecal worms, gapeworms, and threadworm. Praziquantel is the active ingredient in both.

There are some very crucial guidelines to observe when administering worming to your birds. You need to be aware that the solutions tend to have a bitter taste, and birds will try to avoid taking it. It can be administered orally through a dropper, or mixed in with food or water, but realize that if the bird tastes it, it will likely try to avoid it.

So, what can you do? First, avoid either extremely wet or extremely dry days. If it’s wet, your birds will try to get their water from puddles and avoid the worming mixture. If it’s extra dry, the solution won’t take as effectively. With that in mind, when you do place wormers out in food or water for your birds, remove other sources of wet food and water, or the birds will go to them rather than the mixture. Speaking of mixtures, orange juice effectively counteracts the bitter taste, so it is a good mixer to use.

If you raise birds, at some point you’ll have to face the threat of worms. Regular preventative treatments four times a year with an effective wormer will mitigate this problem immensely and save you and your birds a great deal of stress and pain.


Rent a Business Room

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Rent a Business Room

If you are searching for a training room MA area, the ideal answer is one of the modern and fully equipped conference or meeting rooms at an “address for success” such as Highland-March Workspaces. They are located in Mansfield, Braintree, and Marina Bay/Quincy in order to serve professionals in those cities and their surrounding areas. The rentals are available at rates by the hour, by the day, or by the week.

Your needs will be accommodated by having the availability of rooms that can hold as few as two people or as many as a large group. The room rentals have a welcoming environment and are equipped with modular furniture that can be arranged in a variety of configurations, A/V and Wi-Fi equipment, phones, internet access, and upgraded technology. That makes the rooms perfect for corporate training or a meeting hosting special clients outside of a home office and allow the clients to feel like pampered guests at an energized business hotel. In fact, if catering is needed, it can be arranged upon request.

Other benefits of renting such a space are the following:

* You don’t have to spend your money and time setting up an office and hiring a receptionist because those are provided.

* You don’t have to sign any long-term lease.

* You project the right professional image and first impression for your business.

* You don’t have to deal with utility, telephone, and other companies nor worry about maintaining the office equipment.

* If you later desire to trade up, you can rent a comfortable private office in a vibrant business community with excellent support services where you can spend your time focusing on your company and interacting with other professionals that will likely increase your business as they spread the word for you.

*Working your small business from home may seem like a good idea and seems more economical, but the isolation, distractions, and sameness of being in the same place day and night often leads to reduced productivity and loss of motivation.


Obtaining a Liquor License in Texas

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Obtaining a Liquor License in Texas

Having a liquor license for your business can be a great asset, giving you the ability to serve drinks to your customers. However, there is a process that you must go through for a liquor license Houston TX business. Here are the first steps you will need to take in order to obtain a license for your business.

Choose the Type of License You Need
In the state of Texas, there are more than twenty different types of liquor licenses that can be issued by the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission. You will need to know what types are available and which one would best serve the purpose of your business. Some licenses are only for serving beer, while others include cocktails. Also, some licenses and permits are only for single events, while other will cover a business that operates throughout the year.

Fill Out an Application
The next step is to fill out an application for the type of liquor license you need. This is often a simple process, but you must answer all questions accurately so that you won’t experience any delays in processing your application. Once the application is turned in, it will be checked for eligibility and a background check will be performed.

Attend an Interview
An applicant will have to appear for an interview before the process can be completed. This interview is an important step to determine whether you will get a license for your business. If approved, you will then have to pay the required taxes and fees before you can receive a permit or license to serve alcohol. While it can be a time consuming process, it is essential for being able to run your business legally and efficiently.