Safeguarding Your Business With Comprehensive Commercial Insurance

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Whether you’re just getting your business of the ground or you’re simply reevaluating your business’ risk mitigation strategy, you need to make carefully guided decisions about how to insure your operations affordably and effectively. Here are a couple of important considerations to bear in mind when you’re choosing a package policy for your business.

Evaluate Your Individual Coverage Requirements Thoroughly

Depending on what type of activities your business is engaged is, some of your insurance requirements may be regulated by municipal code or licensing authorities. In addition, you may have minimum insurance coverage levels stipulated in a small business loan or financing agreements for company property, equipment, or vehicles. However, it’s important to recognize that minimum coverage requirements may not be sufficient to meet your business’ needs and risk exposure. Your activities, assets, and location may have a big impact on how much insurance you need to shield your business from loss. When you’re looking for commercial insurance in Peoria AZ, you should work with an agent who has extensive experience serving commercial clients and can thoroughly analyze your business’ individual needs in order to help you choose the right coverage levels.

Select a Carrier Who Can Offer Every Type of Policy That Your Business Needs

A complete commercial insurance package may include more than just general liability or property insurance. It’s important to work with a carrier who provides every type of policy that your business needs to avoid gaps in coverage or policy exclusions. In order to find the right carrier, you should work with an agency that has well-established relationships with multiple carriers and can help you get competitive and comprehensive quotes.

Making proactive and well-informed decisions about insuring your business requires some independent due diligence as well as professional guidance. Work with an expert to assure that your policies will be cost-effective while also meeting all of your business’ coverage needs.


Do You Need Equine Assisted Services Insurance?

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Do You Need Equine Assisted Services Insurance?

Here’s the conundrum facing a lot of horse owners and operators today. Knowing how effective equine assisted services can be, many horse owners choose to work with a professional therapist, psychiatrist, or psychologist. Through closely monitored and planned sessions, these horses work with physically and mentally challenged patients to help provide a better quality of life.

Unfortunately, this activity does come with its own set of risks and liabilities. Most homeowners or farm owners insurance doesn’t cover this type of business, and other major insurance plans and companies simply don’t understand the process, risks, and rewards involved in bringing horses and those in need together.

A Brief History of Equine Assisted Services

Equine assisted services, also known as Equine Assisted Growth and Development, have been in practice since the 1970s. Since around 1997, horses have been used by therapists on more of an emotional and behavioral aspect. Interacting with the horses can help provide patients with a number of benefits:

– Increased will to work hard on therapy
– Benefits to muscles from horse interactions
– Learn problem-solving abilities in their life

Things Can Go Wrong?

When working with any animal, things may not always go as you had planned. Horses are very large and strong animals. If something does go wrong and a patient or other person is injured, you need to ensure you are protected. After everything is said and done, an accident can end up costing you thousands of dollars between medical, property, and legal fees.

When you are comparing the horse insurance cost from one carrier to another, be sure you are getting coverage that will actually work. Well-made policies will include several aspects that will give you peace of mind as you bring smiles to faces. Don’t get trapped when something happens. Think smart and make sure you, your property, and your guests are all covered.


Private Adjuster

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Getting Fair Treatment from Insurance Adjusters

Insurance is one of those things you purchase with the hope that you will never need it. This is true for any type of insurance you can imagine. You do not purchase a health insurance policy hoping that you will need to be hospitalized so you can use the policy. Nor do you want to suffer a loss that is caused by an accident or natural disaster.  Whenever these events occur, however, you want to be treated fairly. Your reason for purchasing the policy was to protect you against these kinds of losses.

When an event happens after which you must file an insurance claim, you shouldn’t feel like you are at the mercy of the insurance company’s adjuster. Few people that have dealt with an insurance company on their own have felt they got all that was rightfully theirs in regards to the settlement.  When you have a pending claim, it may be in your best interest to secure a private adjuster from a company like United States Adjusters. That way, you will have someone working for you rather than the insurance company.

The ideal time to contact a company who will work for you is before the initial claim is submitted. That way, you can have someone look over the documentation and advise you as to whether it is complete or it contains loop holes the insurance company can use to deny or minimize the amount of your claim. This kind of help will enable you to maximize the amount of the claim while minimizing the time it takes to receive those benefits.

If you already have a claim that is pending, it is still not too late to secure help, even if you have already been paid for part of the claim. Your adjuster will be able to review the circumstances and determine if there were additional damages that were not included in the original claim and make the necessary amendments. You may even be able to reopen a claim or file a supplemental one if the adjuster determines that you were underpaid when the original claim was processed. If your claim was denied, you may be successful in having it re-opened if you have expert help on your side.

Dealing with the circumstances you must face after a loss is frustrating enough on its own. Struggling with insurance companies only adds to the stress level. Much of this type of stress can be alleviated when you get the right kind of help on your side.