Gold Medal Wine Club Review

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Gold Medal Wine Club

With a national reputation for finding America’s finest, limited production wines, Gold Medal Wine Club has been recognized in Forbes Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Bon Appetit Magazine, and Food & Wine Magazine.

Featured wines meet strict selection criteria, including multiple medals from major wine competitions along with high ratings from national wine publications such as Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, and Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate.

We hope that you will join Gold Medal Wine Club in celebrating 25 years as the leading independent wine club in the United States!

Gold Medal Wine Club has these club memberships:

Gold Wine Club – Most popular!
Superb, highly-regarded California wines from some of the best, boutique wineries. Fascinating, hard-to-find red and white wines from our most popular wines.

Platinum Wine Club – Highly Rated
90+ rated, ultra-premium, high quality wines. Access to absolute collectible masterpieces from winemakers at the pinnacle of their craft.

International Wine Club – Recommended by Forbes
Rare access to fabulous international food and wines from family-owned estates around the world. International wine like you’ve never tasted before!

Garagiste Wine Club – Newest Club Offering!
Amazing, authentic, garagiste wine gems crafted in small batches by independent winemakers. Impossible to find – a wine subscription like no other!

Pinot Noir Wine Club – Passion for Pinots!
If you love great Pinot Noir wines, this membership option is a no-brainer. World-class, excellent Pinot Noirs – tiny-production and highly rated.

Diamond Wine Club – Limited to 500 recipients
Perfection in a glass. 93-99 rated, cellar-selection red wines. Luxury-premium wines for the ultimate wine tasting experience. The best of the best.

US Only.