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What is a Golf Laser Rangefinder?

An advantage of possessing a Golf Laser Rangefinder is its versatility and capacity to enable you to pinpoint any object on the course and calculate how far away it is. You do not have to download course charts to your watch and wait to get a great GPS signal. You simply point and shoot, no waiting. Laser rangefinders are marginally more precise than a GPS rangefinder as you are not relying on a satellite in orbit to give you a distance. I find that combining a laser rangefinder and a GPS watch is the best way to get all the information you need, such as front, middle and back distances to the green, and then precise yardages to the flagstick.

Over the last few years, golf rangefinders or Distance Measuring Devices (DMDs) have become increasingly popular and can be a great asset on the golf course. The primary aim of a rangefinder is to work out the exact distance from your location to a target. To use a rangefinder, you have to look through one of your eyes in the same way as when you view any kind of scope. The rangefinder magnifies the target and then emits a laser beam at it. The target can be anything, with the pin being the most common. The best rangefinders make use of advanced technologies to accurately spot the slim flagstick against any background in order to guarantee that you get the correct yardage.


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