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What is a Grimsmo Saga Pen?

The Grimsmo Saga Pen has an extraordinary writing experience with its 17/4 stainless steel mechanism and ceramic ball bearings for a unique clicking action. It boasts a silver titanium body, clip, and slider with a crosshatch pattern. The Saga Pen also comes with a custom-made wooden case and an extra ink insert.

The Saga Pen’s most striking feature is its clever ball-lock mechanism. It is quite simple and easy to use for those who are aware of it, but it can be a bit of a puzzle for someone who is new to the pen. We suggest you try to figure out how to operate it on your own. When you figure out the solution, you might not be able to put it down, and you would be delighted to write your own story with this piece of engineering art.

Grimsmo Knives creates outstanding custom pocket knives from top-quality materials. Brothers John and Erik put considerable effort and enthusiasm into every part of their work. They are two of the most talented CNC machinists in the world. The Canadian-based knife-making business, owned by John Grimsmo, was launched in his garage over a decade ago. He shared his route to becoming a self-made CNC machinist on YouTube, with videos on knife making, tutorials, shop vlogs, and production shows.


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