Help Your Car Wash Customers Maintain Their Cars

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Businesses face challenges to maintain profits under the best of times. Remaining viable during economic and health crises means reevaluating customer relationships. Customers should be given the opportunity to have an outstanding car cleaning experience while feeling secure. Take the following steps beyond CDC guidelines to provide a safer onsite environment.

Get Your Shop in Top Shape

More than ever your site should run efficiently and present a pristine appearance. You need to avoid breakdowns, which will leave customers stranded or needing to exit their cars. Create or rethink plans for effective and safe traffic control. In the unlikely event your tunnel does not use a dryer system, now is the time to install one. To best implement these strategies, work with a car wash maintenance support team.

Communicate Safely

Rather than handing out flyers, cards and other hard promotional items, use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get your information out. Create a website, but be certain to make it professional even at extra cost. Finally, create large onsite signage and use billboards pointing to your digital business content.

Make Transactions No-Risk

Just as with your communication methodology, for payments employ touch-free methodology where possible. While you may lose business, do not accept cash. Instead, use contactless payment systems and make certain your professionally-created website hosts secure transactions for prepayments. Also, offer subscription monthly washes to minimize transactions.

Spell It Out

Clearly document how you and your employees are acting to make your car-wash stress-free. Again, use your digital communication and extra-large signage to convey the information; do not overload the content, but instead use just a few bullet points.

Take care to create a comprehensive working system for your car wash that provides peace of mind for your customers – as well as your employees. If you plan well, you can have confidence your procedures will serve you well for many years.