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Keep Your Hunting Knife Sharp!

Hunting Knife Sharpening

Hunters anticipate that their season will be productive. They work hard to make sure all goes as intended, so that the hunters can return home with their catch. A lot of planning is needed for a successful hunt, however, a hunter will tell you that the real effort begins once an animal is slain. Dressing, dividing into sections, and carrying the carcass back to the camp can be a major undertaking. A reliable knife is an essential tool for this job.

Most hunters take two blades with them when in the outdoors. A pocket knife for more standard activities such as snipping twine, paracord, or opening rations. Additionally, they often have a fixed blade knife with them in case of a successful hunt.

Before a hunter go on a hunt, they always make sure to sharpen thier knives to the same level. This enables them to hone them in the same manner in the woods. They ensure that the sharpening angle they  am using is compatible with the sharpener they bringing with them. They don’t want to have to adjust the angle to a more intense one in the field, as that would be a time-consuming and troublesome task. They usually sharpen the knives to 20° per side at home, then carry the Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener to hone them at 20 and 25 degrees, preserving the knive’s sharp edge.

While butchering the game, Hunters pay attention to the performance of their knife. If they have to apply more pressure on the blade to make a cut, or the results are becoming jagged and sloppy, it’s time to hone the edge. This is important because a sharp blade needs less force to cut, resulting in a more precise cut, less wasted meat, and less risk of getting hurt. Refining the blade’s sharpness with ceramic or some leather strop is a speedy process compared to having to do a full sharpening, so you can get back to what you were doing quickly. Remember to hone frequently, make precise incisions, and stay safe.

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