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What is the Convict Folding Knife from Kansept?

The Kansept Convict has a Damascus sheepfoot blade with a stonewashed finish and titanium handle. The Convict has a straight edge and blade shape make it a perfect knife for cutting, self defence, and other tasks.

Kansept Convict

Kansept Convict Folding Knife

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Chris Conaway, the founder of Sheepdog Knives, created the Kansept Convict model. It is the epitome of Sheepdog’s style, acting as a reliable and aesthetically pleasing tool.  The Kansept Convict‘s handle is designed to fit several grip styles and is comfortable to use. Its ball bearing system ensures a smooth opening.

The features of the knife include a dependable Damascus steel blade with excellent edge retention, a stonewashed titanium handle to provide a smooth gripping surface, and a ceramic ball bearing for a smooth flipping opening.


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