Lower Cost Healthcare

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Companies Learn About the Ways to Enjoy Lower Cost Healthcare

Micro captives have been changing the way that employers obtain health care for themselves and their employees. Individuals, too, can benefit from captives. They become the owner of an insurance company as opposed to buying from one. The benefits are numerous, allowing for insurance designed to the needs of the individual.

Lower Costs

It’s important to look at the costs of healthcare. Each year, premiums seem to be on the rise. Especially as a company, you have to look at the costs involved with acquiring insurance and marketing the options to your employees. By using a captive, you have the ability to minimize all of the different costs while being conscious of your bottom line. You can even deliver profit to your bottom line by taking more control of what you’re offering.

Better Service

As a captive, you would have the ability to purchase a number of strategic insurance products, such as aggregate excess reinsurance coverage. You will have the ability to manage predictable losses in a more effective manner. You can improve loss control and become more aware of the factors that contribute to losses. This will allow you to manage insurance and your business more effectively so that losses can be reduced and, even, prevented in the future.

Bigger Profit Potential

Safety pays when you’re a member of a captive, micro or otherwise. When you have effective risk management practices in place, you’re rewarded. Investment income can end up accumulating to your benefit. It provides you with an enhanced profit potential so that you can use that money in a way that makes the most sense for your business.

Businesses need to focus on what’s important to them, which is their business. An independent captive consultant can show you what you need to do in order to address insurance issues while still running your business.