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What is the T94i Welding Helmet from Miller?

The Miller T94i welding helmet is a PAPR system that comes with a flip front and is one of the few NIOSH certified welding helmets that feature this design. The Miller T94i welding helmet has the ClearLight lens technology, a comfortable headgear, the largest grinding shield in the industry, and adjustable ventilation. If you are a Miller user and want to avoid inhaling toxic fumes, this is the product for you!

Miller T94i Welding Helmet

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The New Miller T94i Helmet Assembly is a lightweight and slim-built powered air purifying respiratory system that is combined with a T94i welding helmet. This helmet is made for working in strenuous industrial environments while still providing great comfort. It has a 9 square inch viewing area with four separate arc sensors and an integrated grinding shield with a 180° field of view. Furthermore, it has digital lens controls and four functioning modes: Weld, Grind, Cut, and X-Mode. This protective headgear is really incredible. The visibility during welding or grinding is truly remarkable. The peripheral vision it provides is the icing on the cake, making it a must-have for me. This helmet has become the preferred choice for everyone.

The Miller T94i Helmet PAPR and SAR systems are equipped with the Dualtec Manifold System, a patent-pending technology that permits welders to alter the helmet airflow and reduce issues like dry eyes and nose. The low-profile breathing tube that comes with the system optimizes the helmet balance, resulting in improved user comfort. Additionally, the ClearLight Lens Technology allows a wider range of colors of the light spectrum to pass through the helmet lens, thereby giving welders a brighter and more natural sight which improves their clarity and enables them to see more arc detail and make better welds.

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