What is a Saxophone?

The saxophone is noted for its versatility, easily combining with both brass and woodwind instruments. It is rarely used for classical music, but it is a dominant instrument in jazz, where it is often employed to improvise melodic lines.

The saxophone is a member of the single-reed wind instrument family, which is composed of various sizes from soprano to bass. It was invented and patented by Antoine-Joseph Sax in Paris in 1846. This instrument has a long, conical brass tube with roughly 24 keys that are operated by moving pads. The mouthpiece is comparable to a clarinet. Moreover, it can shift to a higher octave level with the help of two octave keys. Apart from the sopranino and one type of B♭ soprano saxophone, which are constructed in a direct manner like a clarinet, all other saxophones have a bent lower end and a detachable neck at the top.

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