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What is the TM20K Rechargeable Flashlight from Nitecore?

The NITECORE TM20K is the most luminous of the Tiny Monster range, yet still remains conveniently sized as a result of new developments and an enhanced design.

Nitecore TM20K

Nitecore TM20K Rechargeable Flashlight

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This high-performance flashlight has 19 LED bulbs that enable it to produce an incredible 20,000 lumen maximum, sufficient to light up an area of 317 yards. The Nitecore TM20K can be employed for activities in the outdoors, industrial purposes, self-defense against potential dangers, seeking out people and animals, and rescue operations.

The Nitecore TM20K is equipped with a 9600mAh in-built Li-ion rechargeable battery that can be charged via USB-C. It has a quick charge (QC) feature which accelerates the charging process and takes only 4.5 hours to charge the device completely. Additionally, the TM20K has all the advanced features that are standard with NITECORE flashlights such as IP68 rated waterproof, advanced thermal regulation, mode memory, and lockout mode.

The TM20K has a dual switch design which offers convenience and ease of use. The toggle switch enables the user to either lock the light for transporting or carrying, set it to daily mode for continuous use, or put it in tactical mode for intermittent light. The large double paddle control switch gives access to turbo on one end and strobe on the other. The mode switch allows the person to go through different brightness levels while it is turned on, including exclusive floodlight and spotlight mode. This light is the ideal fit for any situation.


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