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What is Norwegian Jewellery?

In Norway, traditional jewellery is known as Solje (SOL-ya), which translates to “shiny, sunny”. Pieces from the past, some of which may be centuries old, are classified as antiques. Years ago they were crafted by hand, using silver and other valuable metals that were accessible to the artisan. Soljes were usually worn as pins or buckles to secure a ribbon on a woman’s blouse. Older Soljes are equipped with a removable buckle. These were normally used in conjunction with the Bunad, which is the traditional Norwegian national costume.

With the passage of time, different regions of Norway put their own spin on the Solje, with varying designs such as flower drops, heart drops, and tears. The back of the pin may be a circular scalloped piece or even a heart. They could range in size from an inch to a larger dimension of four inches or more in diameter. The pin could be worn on the collar and a second on the bodice. It is believed that wealthier women wore the bigger pieces. All Solje pins were regarded as family heirlooms and preserved for future generations.

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