Obtaining a Liquor License in Texas

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Obtaining a Liquor License in Texas

Having a liquor license for your business can be a great asset, giving you the ability to serve drinks to your customers. However, there is a process that you must go through for a liquor license Houston TX business. Here are the first steps you will need to take in order to obtain a license for your business.

Choose the Type of License You Need
In the state of Texas, there are more than twenty different types of liquor licenses that can be issued by the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission. You will need to know what types are available and which one would best serve the purpose of your business. Some licenses are only for serving beer, while others include cocktails. Also, some licenses and permits are only for single events, while other will cover a business that operates throughout the year.

Fill Out an Application
The next step is to fill out an application for the type of liquor license you need. This is often a simple process, but you must answer all questions accurately so that you won’t experience any delays in processing your application. Once the application is turned in, it will be checked for eligibility and a background check will be performed.

Attend an Interview
An applicant will have to appear for an interview before the process can be completed. This interview is an important step to determine whether you will get a license for your business. If approved, you will then have to pay the required taxes and fees before you can receive a permit or license to serve alcohol. While it can be a time consuming process, it is essential for being able to run your business legally and efficiently.