Retirement and Men: Things to Do for Fun

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The image of a retired man, for many, is a man sitting on the couch with the remote control in his hand, becoming an expert in channel surfing. However, this does not have to be your fate.

If you have a male counterpart who is retiring before you do, make sure that you are prepared well in advance with a list of activities to do, as well as being armed with your list of things to do for him.

Having your man busy and active doing things he loves, not just things you want him to do, will make for a happier man and a happier couple.

There are so many things for men to do for fun – here are a few of them:

* Sports – If your man has only been a spectator all these years, perhaps it is time for him to get off the sidelines and get into the game. If he has not been active, perhaps learning to play golf is his game.

* Exercise – Joining a gym will be good for a man’s mental and physical health and wellbeing. For many men, actively exercising during their working years may not have been a possibility. Joining a gym during retirement will give a man many health benefits for his heart and joints, and will reduce his cholesterol levels as well. Exercise will also give him a boost of self-esteem.

* Fishing or hunting – Now may be the greatest opportunity for a man to have the companionship of other men his age while fishing or hunting. Hunting is a great sport for the winter months while fishing is great for warmer weather. This gives a man an opportunity to participate in a sport while keeping connected with other male friends.

* Coaching – If your man has not had time all these years to coach Little League, this is an awesome opportunity. It benefits both the Little Leaguer and the coach and is a win/win situation.

* Volunteer – If a man has carpentry skills or electrical and plumbing skills, perhaps volunteering for an organization such as Habitat for Humanity will be a perfect match. Not only will he continue to use his skills, he will also get to meet new people and give back to a worthy cause.

* Run a marathon – Of course, if your man has never run before, a marathon may be extreme; however, if he starts out small, sets a goal, and checks with his doctor, anything is possible after retiring.

These are just a few ideas of fun things for retired men to do.