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What are Silver Bars?

Silver is a reliable investment with a great potential for increase in value. Because it is cheaper than gold, it is more easily accessible, which is why many investors start with silver when they first begin investing in metals. Silver bars are the most common type of silver used by investors because they have less of a premium compared to silver coins. The amount paid is more closely related to the spot price since there are no minting costs associated with silver bars. As they are more economical to produce and come in larger weights, they make a great choice for investing.

Silver is available in various sizes, and the more silver purchased, the less of a premium will be applied. One-ounce, five-ounce, ten-ounce, kilogram, and one hundred-ounce silver bars are all available, as well as larger sizes upon request. Additionally, larger quantities of the same size silver bar will result in greater discounts.

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