Simply Investing Report Review

What is the Simply Investing Report?

Simply Investing Report is an easier way to kick start investing immediately. It has analyses of 240 quality stocks of companies in North America. This report applies 12 simple rules of investing in evaluating all the stocks in the market. It is a structural report that contains lists, charts, and spreadsheets with stats and information on stocks that are most undervalued and overvalued in the market.

Simply Investing Report ReviewSimply Investing is a business committed to helping the investors get the best investment results. Its founder, Kanwal Sarai, is an educator with a natural ability to simplify complex subjects. He has 30 years of experience in investing and earning substantial success as a long term investor. Under his reign, the Simply Investing Portfolio has experienced 411% rise in returns since 1999. This is in comparison to that of 224% increase in S&P returns.

Simply Investing provides two primary products. Firstly, the Simply Investing online course. Secondly, the Simply Investing Report. The Simply Investing online course has simple, straightforward, and concise education. It gives investors financial freedom with dividend investing. Meanwhile, the Simply Investing Report is a monthly service containing stats and information about the stocks of dividend companies. The report is to help investors provide with the stock information that they can use to their advantage.

Simply Investing Report Review

The report suggests the investor’s best stocks to buy and earn high dividends. There is a document that outlines the best and safest stocks for the investors. Thus, the investor can invest in building up a passive income stream and grow it in the future. The simple rules of investing in this report are available in the form of questions. Here is a look at the rules in detail.

  1. Can you understand company’s products and services?
  2. Will people use this service or product in the next two decades?
  3. Does the organization possess a durable and a low-cost competitive advantage?
  4. Will the company be ever hit by recession?
  5. Did the company earn consistently and saw an increasing growth? Generally, it should experience the EPS growth of a minimum of 8%.
  6. Did the company have a consistent increase in dividend? Usually, the company should see a growth of minimum 8% in dividend.
  7. Is the payout ratio of the company low? The payout ratio must be less or equal to 75%.
  8. Does the company have low or no debt? It should certainly be less or equal to 70%.
  9. Does the company have good credit offering? It must have a minimum of BBB+ S&P Credit Rating.
  10. Does the company actively buy back the shares?Is the stock perceived less than its intrinsic value?
  11. Is the average dividend yield lower than the current dividend yield?
  • The P/E Ratio must be below or equal to 25.
  • The P/B Ratio should be less than or equal to three.
  • Do not involve emotions in investing.

simply-investing-report-reviewIn short, the selection process should not be emotional. Discipline and patience are the keys to successful investing. Overall, there are nine quantitative rules and three qualitative rules.

The simple quantitative rules help in the assessment of the company’s value. It is then placed in the monthly Simple Investing Report as per the scores obtained after proper screening. As a result, the investor gets a clear idea of the stocks they need to invest for great returns.

This report doesn’t have written commentary for each stock and verbal discussion about a company’s investment merit. However, it is still a very safe and viable option for investors. 500+ investors in 25 countries subscribe to this report. The monthly edition of Simply Investing Report is available at $19.99. However, it is available at $199 annually. Investors can subscribe to this report to earn high dividends.



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