What are SkyTrak Golf Simulators?

Rain or Shine Golf can assist you in bringing the game you adore into the comfort of your own house with a SkyTrak Home Golf Simulator. The accuracy of SkyTrak is comparable to expensive, commercial launch monitors that cost five to ten times more and makes it the best value for your money. With the all-inclusive SkyTrak Golf Simulator Packages, you don’t have to go searching for all the components you need to put together your ideal setup. We can support you in finding the perfect hitting bay for your area and provide all the basics to get you up and running. If you are looking to refine your game, spend more quality time with your family, or just chill with your golf buddies, you have come to the right spot.

SkyTrak is a unique and revolutionary personal launch monitor system that is great for realistic golfing practice and playing. It wirelessly connects to either your iPad or PC, and immediately shows the launch data and trajectory of the ball when you hit it. With SkyTrak, you can get instant feedback on every shot, allowing you to keep your game sharp even when you can’t make it to the golf course. Additionally, it provides realistic ball flight with 3D visualization and ball spin measurement, and you can use it anywhere since it is completely wireless!

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on 3rd June 2023