Are good chef’s knives worth it?

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I have two chef knives and wouldn’t be without them. The most important thing is keeping them adequately sharp – no matter how much you spent on a quality chef’s knife. It is important that you learn how to sharpen and maintain your knife blades. Prices for quality kitchen knives start at maybe $30, and there seems to be no end to be seen. Note that price doesn’t necessarily translate to a “better” knife. Somewhere in the middle is probably a safe bet. Then there is the look and feel. Some, like me like the wooden handles the Japanese knives are famous for. Others prefer the more traditional black handles. If you are looking for great chef knives, especially the Saga/Boker products you go to this site: www.sagaknives.com. We only list knives with the top reviews on Amazon.ca and recommended Saga/Boker chef knives.