Do You Need Equine Assisted Services Insurance?

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Do You Need Equine Assisted Services Insurance?

Here’s the conundrum facing a lot of horse owners and operators today. Knowing how effective equine assisted services can be, many horse owners choose to work with a professional therapist, psychiatrist, or psychologist. Through closely monitored and planned sessions, these horses work with physically and mentally challenged patients to help provide a better quality of life.

Unfortunately, this activity does come with its own set of risks and liabilities. Most homeowners or farm owners insurance doesn’t cover this type of business, and other major insurance plans and companies simply don’t understand the process, risks, and rewards involved in bringing horses and those in need together.

A Brief History of Equine Assisted Services

Equine assisted services, also known as Equine Assisted Growth and Development, have been in practice since the 1970s. Since around 1997, horses have been used by therapists on more of an emotional and behavioral aspect. Interacting with the horses can help provide patients with a number of benefits:

– Increased will to work hard on therapy
– Benefits to muscles from horse interactions
– Learn problem-solving abilities in their life

Things Can Go Wrong?

When working with any animal, things may not always go as you had planned. Horses are very large and strong animals. If something does go wrong and a patient or other person is injured, you need to ensure you are protected. After everything is said and done, an accident can end up costing you thousands of dollars between medical, property, and legal fees.

When you are comparing the horse insurance cost from one carrier to another, be sure you are getting coverage that will actually work. Well-made policies will include several aspects that will give you peace of mind as you bring smiles to faces. Don’t get trapped when something happens. Think smart and make sure you, your property, and your guests are all covered.