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What is the Thomas Jefferson 1 Cent Postage Stamp?


Thomas Jefferson 1 Cent Postage StampThe Thomas Jefferson 1 Cent Postage Stamp belongs to the Prominent Americans Collection, which pays tribute to those influential members of the American people who have improved the culture and the well-being of citizens in general. Low-quality Thomas Jefferson 1 Cent Postage Stamps are readily available. However, high quality stamps are harder to find and have high value as a collectible stamp.

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The Thomas Jefferson 1 Cent Green Postage Stamp was issued on January 12, 1968 in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Robert Geissmann designed the stamp, which was based on a 1800 portrait of Jefferson by Rembrandt Peale which is now hung in the Blue Room of the White House. Edward R. Felver was responsible for the engraving.

Over the years, Thomas Jefferson has been portrayed on various postage stamps that have celebrated him. The first of the Thomas Jefferson 1 Cent Postage Stamps was issued in 1856, nine years after the Post Office issued stamps of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. Prior to this, hand-stamps were used to show payment of postage. Even though Jefferson is almost as famous as Washington, he is featured much less often on U.S. postage issues. He has only been featured on two commemorative issues, one in 1904 and the other on the AMERIPEX presidential issue of 1986. The other depictions of him are on regular issues.

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Thomas Jefferson One Cent Postage Stamp