Uncontested Divorce Filing

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Benefits Of Filing For An Uncontested Divorce

A divorce is never an easy process to get through. It can cause a lot of emotional and financial stress. Every family situation is different and will affect the divorce process differently as well. There are two basic types of divorce filings that spouses can choose to go through. The more difficult one is a contested divorce. This means both parties are having difficulties agreeing on many things during the process. An uncontested divorce is one where both parties come to an agreement on every aspect. Below are some benefits of filing an uncontested divorce Tampa with a divorce lawyer such as the one found at bhtampa.com.

More Affordable

Uncontested divorces are much more affordable than contested divorces are. With a contested divorce, many of the disputes will have to be settled in a court proceeding. This means additional court and lawyer fees. Uncontested divorces do not require the extra fees for court. It can save you hundreds to thousands throughout the entire process.

Divorce Settled Faster

In a perfect world, a divorce can be done in a single day. Unfortunately, most divorces drag on for months at a time, especially when the divorce is a contested one. If you choose to work hard with your spouse to have an uncontested divorce, the process time is usually cut in half. Both of you will be able to move on with your lives quicker and put the divorce behind you.

Keep Matters Private

If your divorce is contested and has to go to court, it becomes a public matter. When this happens, all of your agreements will be placed into public records for anyone to have access to. This can be embarrassing and will take an emotional toll on some people. This is not the case with an uncontested divorce.

A divorce is one of the most difficult things to go through. It is a life-changing event that can dramatically change your life. It is important to work hard at making the process as easy as you can. A contested divorce can get ugly and make the ability to heal afterward much harder on everyone involved.