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What are Vevor Moonshine Stills?

vevor moonshine stillsVevor Moonshine Stills are made by VEVOR, a leading brand in tools and equipment, has a full set of alcohol distillers that are perfect for experts and novices alike. With its excellent cooling performance, the distiller can be utilized to make fruit wine, water, brandy, and essential oils.

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The Vevor Moonshine Still can be used with a variety of heating sources such as gas stoves, firewood, and electric ceramic heaters. VEVOR is committed to providing its customers with reliable tools and equipment at a low cost. It has spread to over 200 countries with over 10 million customers. The copper coil, with its quick heat transfer, ensures a great cooling performance and a big contact area with the coolant. The water pump is in place to guarantee condensate circulation, with cold water coming into the lower inlet and hot water going out of the upper outlet for effective cooling.

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